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Empowering female millennials to get their financial $hit together. Funny money memes welcomed.


Bestselling author. Former financial advisor. Real estate investor. Business owner. Finance guru. Professional speaker.

Only 27 years old, Rachel quit her job and retired, living off $10,000+ per month in passive income. Rachel has made a name for herself in the personal finance realm. She has been featured on the Penny Hoarder and the New York Times and contracted to speak at colleges. Her valuable lessons have helped thousands of female millennials work their way out of financial despair. She has successfully done what no one has done before: made the topic of money management fun, entertaining, and simple.

Rachel has a Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics from Centre College. She has held roles as a financial advisor, a real estate analyst, and a senior finance analyst.


Rachel is based in Louisville, KY, with her husband and dog.


Most of us are cogs in a corporation, trapped in the thinking that to make money, we must work (the horror!) But life doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to dread our next 40 years of working in a cubicle.

Passive income is income that is earned without working. Think about the royalties JK Rowling still earns on her Harry Potter series that she wrote 25 years ago. Think about the wealthy investor who makes enough in dividends off his stock portfolio to support his lifestyle. Think about the retired landlord who collects rent payments each month without lifting a finger. These are examples of passive income streams.

The moment at which your passive income exceeds your expenses, you are RETIRED. This concept of early retirement via passive income has never been fully explored, and boy is there a demand for it.


In Money Honey, former financial advisor Rachel Richards achieves the impossible by bringing humor and sass to the dreaded subject of personal finance. Money Honey has risen to the top of the ranks with over 500 five-star reviews on Amazon:

"Witty, funny, and entertaining were never words I would associate with a financial self-help book until I read Money Honey. Not only was I laughing out loud, I was LEARNING about topics that have always intimidated me." -Kaley B. 

""Buy this book. Buy it now. Read it. And live by it!" -Molly B.

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