HSAs and Ankle Sprains

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

It was a dark, stormy night.

Ok, not really. It was a bright, clear day.

We were hiking on the edge of Lake Como, Italy, last year.

There was an Italian plane show going on over the lake, and we were almost to the top of the mountain where we would have an incredible view. The weather was beautiful and we were giddy.

I picked up my pace on the trail, jogging with abandon, my head turned to the right to laugh at something my sister had said.

And that's when it happened. My right foot extended and landed on a large rock hidden in the grass, causing my ankle to roll painfully.

I heard a loud POP.

I screamed.

In that moment, I was certain I had broken my ankle.

I fell to the ground and sobbed. My sisters and husband comforted me and helped me wrap it with bandanas and sticks.

I dried my tears, laughed at the fact that my little sister happened to have her GoPro turned on (how funny it would be to watch the footage later), and limped on my merry way.

And now, over a full year later, I have spent upwards of $5,000 out of pocket on this injury.

It was, according to several physical therapists and foot doctors, the nastiest sprain they'd ever seen. I had multiple sprains on the inside and outside of my ankle and a partially torn ligament. Although I never did anything that wasn't explicitly approved by my doctors (like hiking), it never healed properly.

I finally had surgery a couple months ago, and I'm still in physical therapy to this day.