Get Your Financial $hit Together

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Are you ready to manage your money like a boss?

Then follow this simple online course — designed exclusively for Cutco TLA reps — so you can save some extra money, invest for your future, and have cash on hand to do the things you love.

From the bestselling author of Money Honey and Passive Income Aggressive Retirement, Rachel Richards will take you on a journey to financial freedom! Learn from the former financial advisor, real estate investor, and early retiree who became financially independent at age 27 and is living off $15,000 per month in passive income!


At age 18, I was a young Cutco rep, entering college, totally broke.

I didn't want to end up like everyone else. I didn't want to operate on a strict budget my whole life. I didn't want to have to borrow money from family and friends to make it to my next paycheck.

I wanted to be different.

Get this: what you do now will set you up for wealth or for poverty.

Past Cutco reps reported saving an average of


because of and during this course!

Get Your Financial $hit Together is fun, engaging, and taught completely through a series of short videos. Included in the course:

  • Five modules, covering topics like budgeting, savings, credit cards, student loans, investing, and taxes

  • 25+ short and simple videos where you learn directly from Rachel

  • A free digital download of the bestselling book, Money Honey

  • Access to Rachel's Whatsapp texting group

  • Regular check-ins for accountability

  • Opportunities to win points and prizes and compete within your division

  • Personalization: everything you learn can be personalized for your specific circumstances and needs

  • Templates for tracking your expenses, budgeting, and much more

  • The chance to win a $500 scholarship!

The best part? Get Your Financial $hit Together is designed specifically for TLA reps who are just starting out: no previous personal finance knowledge or math skills required.

Just getting to know me?

Hi, I’m Rachel.

My Cutco journey started the summer after high school graduation. I was a $10K fast starter and set the Louisville KY sales record. I entered The Leadership Academy, became an assistant manager, and then a pilot sales manager for the TKO DVM. My career sales are over $75,000. Because of Cutco, I paid my way through college and graduated without debt. I have been featured on Dan Casetta's "Changing Lives Selling Knives" podcast three times.

I am a: former financial advisor, real estate investor, 2X bestselling author, professional speaker, and early retiree. I've been featured on Business insider, CNBC, and the Penny Hoarder.

We are in a financial literacy crisis. And my biggest wish is to help educate Gen Z & millennials so that they have a fighting chance to become financially free!


What do past course takers say?

Kate Gustafson, Central Region

Ellen Yuniwo, Canada

Gioshuan Rocha, Puerto Rico

Emmi Abel-Rutter, Midwest Region

Take a look at the curriculum!

Module 1 (September): Budgeting Like a Boss

  • Access Rachel's expense tracker & learn how to use it

  • Estimate your Golden Number (a concept from Money Honey)

  • The $100 Rule and the Big 3

  • Budgeting on an inconsistent income

Module 2 (October): Save Mo' Money

  • A simple savings strategy that will change your life

  • $1,000 emergency savings bucket: Why & How

  • Buckets #2, #3, and #4

  • How your withholdings account its in

  • Putting your money to work

Module 3 (November): Credit & Loans

  • Credit score: a GPA for your finances

  • Analyzing and improving your top credit factors

  • Using credit cards the right way

  • Student loans: what you should know

Module 4 (December): Investing in stocks... & yourself

  • The penny example: the magic of time and compounding

  • Investing 101: types of investments and guidelines for success

  • How to make a trade in the stock market

  • Which accounts to use to get started

  • How to increase capital for your office next summer

Module 5 (January): Taxes Need not be Taxing

  • 1099 vs. W2: what's the difference?

  • Why tax refunds are NOT a good thing

  • Tax tips for Cutco reps

  • Top 10 takeaways and what to do next


What will this course do for you?

  • Hold you accountable. It’s one thing to read a book or consume a money management article… it’s another thing to implement what you’ve learned. It’s time to move beyond mere talk or desire and commit to specific actions that will move you towards financial freedom.

  • Ease your money worries.

  • Take the guesswork out, so you’re not wondering where to start.

  • Reduce your feelings of shame, intimidation, and anxiety; and increase your confidence.

  • Make money EASY to understand, fun to learn about, and simple to do!

  • Give you a support system. You’ll finally have a safe space to go for help and to ask all of your questions.

Why NOW? Why should you care?

​Time is your biggest advantage. The earlier you can act on these sound principles, the better off you will be when you retire. Getting your financial $hit together right now - this very day - instead of putting it off for weeks, months, years, could mean the difference between retiring in poverty or in wealth. Every moment you delay is a moment where your money is not working for you. Although your financial future feels far away, you must not underestimate the urgency of taking action now. You cannot afford to wait.

Rachel’s GYFST course was amazing! She gave valuable information in every video in every module that I saw. The fact that she is also allowing us to keep our access to the modules for life to be able to go back through them as much as we want makes the course that much more invaluable and worth every single penny plus more. Thank you Rachel!

Alex Ocampo, Eastern Region

Lois Abu, Canada

My biggest breakthrough was being able to meet my savings goal of $3,000 for my branch office and still being able to save $2,000 as an emergency fund over the past few months. I feel that I can actually focus on school and enjoy life in the moment.

I opened an account and I will be investing $1,000 into the stock market this week!! I also just turned 18 a few months ago and with Rachel's tips and tricks, I now know what I should be looking for when trying to apply for a credit card.

Kathryn Hyatt, Canada

The idea of taking this course really excited me. Rachel has a way of keeping it informative but also very relatable and funny. Since I started reading I began tracking my expenses and it has had a tremendous impact on my savings.I have learned more about money management than I would have ever thought possible!

Hailey Hanson, Western Region

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Get Your Financial $hit Together

Cutco Edition 
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